Armed and Unarmed Physical Security

Pathfinder is a trusted and highly experienced provider of physical security services. We deliver high quality driven professional services to protect critical oil and gas infrastructure, equipment, personnel, and facilities.


Our professionally recruited and trained protective specialists are a dedicated team of seasoned professionals whose core foundations were formed while honorably serving with the FBI, US Secret Service, US Military Special Operations, and State law enforcement agencies in addition to various other Government organizations. They detect, deter and respond in accordance with local, state and federal laws.

Security Capabilities

Pathfinder has vast experience in coordinating and implementing operations to protect our clients. We manage licensed and fully insured armed and unarmed security programs throughout the US, incorporating an array of capabilities into our solutions. Pathfinder's officers provide:

  • Customized Program Development
  • Risk Management
  • Physical security
  • Roving Patrols
  • Mobile security
  • Rapid Critical incident Response
  • Anti-terrorism measures
  • Access control
  • K9 services
  • Personnel and vehicle screening and badging
  • Close Circuit TV
  • Small unmanned aerial vehicles/drones
  • VIP protection

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